Zero's DSR/X is an adventure e-motorcycle with 180 miles of range

It delivers 166 foot-pounds of torque and comes with advanced stability controls.

Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles has unveiled its latest lineup of MY23 electric motorcycles, with the highlight being the new DSR/X adventure bike. Designed for both off-road or highway use, it delivers 100 horsepower and an impressive 166 foot-pounds of torque, providing enough power to climb steep hills or hit a top speed of 112 MPH.

With a 17.3kWh battery (upgradeable to 20.9 kWh), the DSR/X is good for 180 miles of city range or 85 miles on the highway. The standard Level 2 charger can take it to a 95 percent charge in two hours, or you can upgrade it to a 6KW rapid charge to hit the same level in an hour.

That's solid for an e-motorcycle, but range is pretty crucial for adventure bikes and gas-powered models can still go much further. To that end, Zero has partnered with adventure mapping country Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) to provide a library of "attainable, achievable and available routes to follow on electric motorcycles from coast to coast," the company said.

Zero Motorcycle DSR/X electric motorcycle
Zero Motorcycles

The other key feature of the DSR/X is the bike's new Cypher III+ operating system that integrates Bosch's full Motorcycle Stability Control suite, including off-road capabilities. The system is designed to deliver traction and stability, with features like linked braking to improve modulation and "Vehicle Hold Control which provides confidence and steadiness even on the steepest slopes," Zero wrote.

Zero Motorcycle's DSR/X is available in either sage green or white pearl, and is now arriving at dealerships at a base price of $24,495. The company unveiled three other MY23 SR (street-riding) models, the high-powered SR/S ($23,995) and SR/F ($23,795), both equipped with 17.3kWh batteries and fast 6.6 kW charge speeds. The SR model ($19,995) offers a 14.4kWh battery and stock 3kW charger..