The rise of luxury gadgets

qualia004With high-end electronics getting cheaper by the minute and even normal people are buying plasma TVs, digital SLR cameras, and Treo 600s, the only way left to use gadgets to show you're a cut above the iPod-toting masses is to go way over the top, and this week's Circuits section of the New York Times has an article about the emergence of gadgets-as-luxury-brands. We've already heard plenty about the $20,000 Vertu that Gywneth carries or the Dior iPod case, but  Sony will be taking things up a notch here in Manhattanwhen they open up their new appointment-only showroom for their line of ultra high-end Qualia electronics next month. We've already scored an invitation to come by, but we're not sure we're ready to drop $25,000 on a home theater projector.