WWJD - What Would (Steve) Jobs Do? Tell us what you think and win an AirPort Express

Right before Steve Jobs makes every keynote we all play the same game — combing through months of anonymous postings on bulletin boards, sifting through rumors, pouring over faked product photos, and eavesdropping in bars near the Apple offices — all in a usually vain attempt to form some sort of coherent guess over what the big man is going to unveil (especially when he says, "Oh, one more thing").

AirPort ExpressTwo weeks from today Apple is holding their Worldwide Developers Conference, where Mr. Jobs is expected to do the usual round of product announcements, just like he did at MacWorld this past January when he introduced the iPod mini. No one figured there'd be anything too massive announced this time around, that is, until Apple announced the new Power Mac G5s and the AirPort Express, which got us thinking: if they decided to announce something as major as the AirPort Express on a regular day, could it be that they're secretly planning something absolutely massive for the Steve Jobs' keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference?

We don't know any more than you do (unless you happen to work at Apple), but we've sure been digging all the speculation, rumors, and innuendo about what it might be. We thought maybe we'd create an office pool for all the worker bees at Engadget HQ to place some bets on which of the rumors is most likely to materialize, but then we thought we'd have a lot more fun opening to our readers.

So here's the deal: you have seven days to guess what you think Steve would do. Whoever comes up with the best idea for an Apple product that Steve Jobs could announce at the Worldwide Developers Conference wins a shiny new AirPort Express (which works with PCs too!). Engadget, in conjunction with our pals over at the Unofficial Apple Weblog, will judge your entires based on creativity, likelihood, and how well they fit into Apple's current strategy and product line-up.

Send your ideas, concepts, sketches, etc to us at applecontest@engadget.com. You have until midnight EST on the 21st. We'll announce a winner on June 24th, and then we'll see a few days later what, if anything, Apple really had up their sleeve.

UPDATE: We have a winner!