Inventor of the remote control is "confused"


You know it's a bad sign when even Robert Adler, the retired Zenith engineer who helped invent the remote control over 50 years ago, says that "you need a pilot's license to operate a remote control" these days. He's got a point. Besides proliferating like rabbits (it's not totally uncommon for some people's A/V setups to sport a dozen different remotes) most lack obvious, self-documenting interfaces, with the thirst for adding more features usually winning out over having an elegant interface. Add to that, manufacturers are never going to get together to make electronics work better together, so for the most part, we're all going to be spending more time learning how to use stuff than using stuff sometimes. That said, put any human in a room with any remote and they'll be using it like a pro in a matter of seconds if there's any chance they're going to miss Nip/Tuck.