"Watch this" Wednesday: The TV Watch

tv watch

Last week we covered the Color Casio Camera Watch, and now we're up to one of our favorites. The TV watch.

What it is: 1.5" TV-Wrist watch, TFT display with the worlds smallest commercially available tuner in the world (made by Sony). Tunes in any UHF or VHF broadcast. The headphones act as the antenna.

Why we like it: You know, at first we thought this was going to be a lame novelty watch, but it actually works really well and the picture is super-sharp when you can get reception. We won't be watching Nip/Tuck on this, but if you're really into gadget watches, you can't go wrong with this one. Battery life is about an hour or so. It's big, it's bold, you'll be the alpha geek for sure.

Where to get it and how much: Dynamism has these in stock right now for $199.

Click here to watch a video of the TV watch in action (Windows Media).