802.11n to be ten times faster than 802.11g?

Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Broadcom, Airgo, Conexant have pieced together (much like Voltron) to form "WWiSE", a group aiming to revise the 802.11n wireless standard before it's set in stone by the IEEE. Basically the next flavor of WiFi we'll get to deal with, currently n is spec'ed to run at 135 megabits per second and be backwards compatible with b and g, but WWiSE wants to push that speed up to 540 megabits per second. And more surprising than the numbers, these companies are all offering to license the patents which would make their 802.11n possible royalty-free. Not a bad deal, IEEE, may we suggest you strongly consider it over Intel's similar, yet assuredly royalty-ridden proposal?