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Would you sell your kidney(s) for a Hush?

Ryan Block , @ryan

You want a quiet PC, and you're not alone. We all know that. But if you're seriously considering a Hush, that DVR-centric passively-cooled computer we told you about before, you may be alone afterall (but only in terms of income bracket). If you're ready to shell out over three k for one of those solid-aluminum monsters, TrustedReviews is there to tell you all about what a feature-ridden AV beast it is, what with the S-Video and composite in and out, D-Sub, DVI, 7.1-channel surround, 2.8GHz Pentium 4, DVD-writer and all the fixin's. Just remember, you may need that kidney later, so think long and hard about this.

[Via The Register]

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