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Ask Engadget: What's the best gadget bag?

Peter Rojas

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Ask Engadget

There must be a lot more trouble in gadgetland than we had ever imagined, we received more than enough readers questions for Ask Engadget to keep us all busy for the next year or so, but we settled on one from reader Cody H., who asks:

I'm in desperate need of a new gadget bag/man purse. I'm looking for something that is small enough that I can carry it all the time, but big enough that I can fit my iPod, a book or two, a small camera and lunch. I don't carry a laptop. It doesn't need to look like a NASCAR jacket or be covered with leather and metal studs, but it should be sufficiently sized and styled to exude a distinct aura of non-threatening-geeky-but-all-man manliness. I'd also like it if it was under $100, preferably under $50. Any ideas?

We'll use one of the slightly techier questions we got next week, but you have any suggestions for him?

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