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Cybook eBook reader

Dan Wu

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Bookeen Cybook Ebook ReaderThough not as slick as Sony's Librie ebook reader (it doesn't use  e-ink), Bookeen's Cybook claims to be the first ebook reader that is totally open-standard, meaning you can use it with any of your HTML, PDF, PRC, or RTF documents, which we definitely appreciate (especially considering the Librie's weird closed format ebooks that expire after a certain amount of time). The Cybook runs on Windows CE and comes with a 10-inch color LCD display, gets 3 to 5 hours of battery power, plays MP3 files, and comes with Pocket versions of both Word and Excel. And though it comes with a dainty 56k modem,you can add a WiFi card or add Compact Flash memory via its PCMCIA slots. The catch (why must there always be one?): Bookeen is selling the Cybook for around $750. You could probably score an older Tablet PC with a lot more to offer for that kind of cash.

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