Human Pacman

Remember back in May when those crazy kids at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program were using cellphones to play giant games of Pac-Man on the streets of Manhattan? Yeah, well they just got one-upped by the Mixed Reality Lab at the National University of Singapore, which is using head-mounted displays, inertia sensors, GPS receivers, and Bluetooth to play their own real-life version of Pac-Man (except they call it "Human Pacman"). Players can roam around the streets of Singapore gobbling up virtual pellets and power pills. (Weird side note: the project was financed by the Singaporean military, which apparently is looking for new ways to prepare for a ghost invasion.) They hope to have a version that you can play on cellphones ready within two years.

P.S. - Could someone please work on bringing another retro Eighties arcade to life? We're just as super nostalgic for Pac-Man as the rest of you all, but there are plenty of other games worthy of the attention of an entire university department. Pitfall, anyone?

[Via Blueserker]

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