Verizon testing ringback tones. Prepare yourselves.

verizon nerd

So ringback tones—basically customized audio clips that callers hear when they dial your number instead of the usual ringing sound (sort of like a ringtone in reverse or something like that)—are huge in Asia. Huge. And since people over there seem willing to pay for them, the cellphone carriers figure that people over here should probably be willing to pay for them, too, which is why in about six months or so you'll probably be incredibly annoyed with all the different ringtones you'll hear when you call people up. Local wireless carrier First Cellular of southern Illinois became the first to offer ringback tones here in the US, but Verizon just started testing the service in parts of California. The privilege of having your callers hear "The Boy With the Thorn In His Side" will set you back $1.99 per year, plus a $0.99 monthly subscription fee per ringback tone.

[Via MobileTracker]