Creative Zen Micro

In an effort to produce an army of mp3 players for its upcoming battle against Steve Jobs and the iPod, Creative has introduced 3 new Zen Micro models that aren't really new models at all. Instead, they're Micros with different size hard drives, but not *that* different. The 5 GB will be joined by a 6 GB, 4 GB and 1 GB model. The 1 Gig will cost $199 when it hits the shelves sometime in Q1. The 4 Gig will only cost 30 bucks more, $229, and the 6 will run $299. Both of those will be available later this month. Expect Creative to launch 2 and 3 Gig models later in the year in order to fill out the line up with 1 through 6. We bet they'd launch a 7 Gig one too, if only someone actually made a 1" 7 GB hard drive.