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Treo 650 SDIO GPS attachment from iGolf

Marc Perton

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SDIO GPS Treo 650

Treo 650 owners rejoice! Your smartphone may have started out as something of a bastard stepchild (albeit one with a great lineage), with memory glitches and crippled features. But it continues to come of age, with free memory upgrades, feature-restoration hacks and third-party software helping the phone live up to its potential. Now there's one more item to get psyched about: iGolf Technologies has released an SDIO GPS unit designed specifically for the 650. The $250 package includes iGolf's own iGolfgps software, and a discount on Mapopolis Navigator. And, yes, iGolf's software is tailored for golfers, so if you want to find your way around anything more than your favorite green, you'll need to spring for Navigator.

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