Super Toaster slices bread, cooks via IR

super toaster

We admit that the kitchen is not our preferred domain — though we have taught ourselves how to make a mean cup of coffee — but this strikes us as too much for even our limited culinary skills: A company called Japanese Neutral (we bet it sounds a lot better in Japanese) has come up with the Super Toaster, a toaster that automatically slices bread and then uses infrared rays to heat the toast. The company claims the $10,000 device makes better toast because the bread is sliced just before toasting. We can buy that — but we can also buy a good knife, for a lot less than 10 grand. To be fair, the Super Toaster is targeted at restaurants and hotels, not kitchenphobes like us. So, who knows? For high-volume users, this could end up being the greatest thing since, er, sliced bread.