LG's MF-HE600 and MF-HE650 players… probs not coming here


We're all still waiting on LG's MF-HE700, but hey, in the mean time we've got their latest one-notch-down player, the 4GB MF-HE600. Well, we "have it" in the sense that no one actually has it because LG just doesn't seem to want to release a lot of their product here. But hey, if you like your digital audio players to look like a square-tufted buttoned-leather couch, this guy's got a voice recorder, line-input, 10-hour removeable battery, and a 7 LED backlight shades. Also, keep your eyes peeled: LG's got some another player cookin', the MF-HE650, which they were showing off at CES. It's the one with USB On-The-Go, a 1.8-inch display, and a 65k color screen.