MobiBlu's DAH-1500, the newest "World's Smallest" player

MobiBlu's DAH-1500

We were totally about to call BS on this thing (no way could it be smaller than the Hsuan Mao MP3-6610, though it looks like it'd best Samsung's YP-T5H easily) until we did the math on the volume. Today we set it straight, who's got the smallest MP3 player in the world: BenQ Joybee 102—the former World's Smallest, as it turns out, is somehow 10.52cm³, still 23.5% smaller than the latest World's Smallest, the DAH-1500, which is 13.82cm³ (the Hsuan Mao is a close 2nd at 15.08, and the Samsung trails way behind at 28.56). Whatever, anyway; though a cube may not be our first choice for the shape of a digital audio player, at least they get points for evoking a TV with that little little OLED display. They're also claiming a 20-hour battery life, which would also make it the World's Longest Lasting audio player battery. Uh, yeah.

[Thanks, Brian]