Verizon and Warner Music Group team up on wireless music video downloads

Sean Paul

It's great that Verizon is teaming up with Warner Music Group to offer music video downloads for their new V CAST high-speed wireless video-on-demand service, since music videos seem like just the right kind of short, disposable content (along with news clips, sports highlights, etc.) that the average person might be convinced to watch on a cellphone, but do they really expect anyone to pay four bucks for a three minute video download? And that's on top of the $15 a month you already have to throw down for the service, too. If anything the price should be a buck or two, especially considering that most people will only watch a video a handful of times and can download the track for a $0.99. This better be another one of those instances where the price starts out really ridiculous and then drops down to sort-of-reasonable six months later.