Haute cuisine, meet high-tech: "Printing" sushi

Homaro Cantu/Moto printed sushi

We're going to try and avoid using the word "gimmicky" here, but you have to admit, Homaro Cantu's dishes at Moto definitely whet the palate (even if it's only the color palette). His sushi is prepared by printing images from organic food-based inks onto edible paper via a Canon i560; he seasons and serves his menus the same way—the plat du jour may taste suspiciously like the edible menu from which it was chosen. What's next for Cantu and Moto? Well, part of that $240 a head for dinner is being invested in R&D: 30 patent applications in, Cantu's got experiments underway in combining cuisine and superconductors (no comment), liquid nitrogen, and helium, as well as plans to utilize a 3D polymer printer, and high-powered class IV surgical/cutting laser. Okay, we'll bite.