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IBM to use strained silicon to produce PowerBook G5


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thick g5 powerbook

This won't be major news to anyone who has been following the PowerBook G5 non-release, but according to a recent article at CNET, Apple is in no rush to push out a PowerBook that would compromise the platform's legacy of ergonomics and portability.  Were a G5 PowerBook to come out today, it would look something like the image above.  According to the article, the current G5 chip, the IBM 970FX, is just too hot and power-hungry to make it a viable portable CPU.  A new chip-making process using something called strained silicon promises to produce a less-power-hungry G5 chip that will make a PowerBook G5 a reality.  The new process allows the CPU's transistors to be sped up, improving clock time without requiring more power.  So, will this happen any time soon?  Most likely not, but here's to hoping.

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