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Class action lawsuit against Verizon over Bluetooth on the Motorola V710 expands

Peter Rojas

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Been itching to get in on that class action lawsuit that was filed against Verizon for disabling Bluetooth on Motorola's V710 cellphone? A few months ago California law firm Kirtland & Packard filed a class action lawsuit against Verizon and Motorola for crippling the Bluetooth on Motorola's V710 handset so you can't wirelessly sync with or copy files to a PC, now they're opening up the plaintiff class to anyone in the US who bought the V710 for its Bluetooth capabilities, not just residents of California. If the outcome of this case is anything like that of every other tech-related class action lawsuit we've heard of lately, the lawyers who filed the suit will probably walk off with millions and the everyone who bought a V710 will get a $15 service credit.

[Via Blueserker]

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