The Asono Mica pendant player

Asono Mica

You know Scandanavian design (and Japanese design, for that matter) when you see it, and this, friends, is consumer electronics design at its finest. The Asono Mica player may be a slight bit larger at 1.45 x 2.0 x 0.6-inches than the shuffle (3.3 x 0.98 x 0.33-inches, if you don't have those numbers memorized in metric and imperial, like we do), but they did manage to fit a screen in there, and a whole lot more. It comes in 512MB or 1GB flavors (sound familiar?) and like most anything else Scandi, costs a freaking fortune: 1599 Norway Kroners (about $260 US) for the 512MB, and 2099NK (about $350) for the 1GB. But if you're still interested, it plays back MP3, WMA, and ASF, has an FM tuner, line-in port, voice recorder, and a 12-hour battery. You know, it's kind of weird finally seeing a pendant flash player that we'd actually consider, you know, wearing.

[Thanks, Torgeir]