Watch your DESR-5700/7700 PSX's recorded shows on your PSP


Just in case there happens to be one or two of you out there who are still interested in getting your hands on one of Sony's sweet (but still not so entirely coveted) Japanese PSX PlayStation 2 DVRs—if they ever go back into production, that is—you might be delighted to learn that Sony's latest revisions of the product, the 160GB DESR-5700 and 250GB DESR-7700, have the the answer to TiVoToGo and the PMC platform: you'll be able to transfer your recorded shows via MemoryStick to your PSP for playback. That's pretty hot, but the odds of them ever doing this on another non-"discontinued" or American product like Microsoft's Media Center platform? Slim to zilch at best.

[Via PVRblog and SwitchStyle]