Samsung new MP3 players

Apple better watch their back. Sort of. First Creative declared war on them back in November, now Samsung's coming after them, with an announcement yesterday that within two years they expect to the world's number one maker of MP3 players, predicting that they'll own something like 25-30% of the global market for digital audio players by 2007. We won't bore you with why this is going to be tough (even if Apple wasn't the resident baller in this market, there are still plenty of other players that would give them a fight for the top spot), but Samsung has launched several new models lately, including that 20GB YH-J70 portable video player we spotted at CES (which is pictured on the far right); a version with a smaller drive called the YH-J50 (the one second from the right); their overly-blinged pocket watch-style YP-W3 player (not pictured); a wearable flash-based player called the YP-F1 (pictured at left), that comes with 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB flavors; and a successor to the YP-T7 called the YP-T8 that comes with between 256MB to 2GB of flash memory and a 1.8-inch color screen (pictured second from the left).

[Via I4U]

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