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New VoIP hardware from ZyXel


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Zyxel Prestige 2000W v2

The quizzically-named ZyXel has a couple of new offerings in the VoIP space. The ZyXel P-2302R gateway is a VoIP router that comes with two built-in phone jacks, enabling you to have two different phone numbers on the different ports — which means you could be, like, so bi-coastal it hurts. This is not really new, as most VoIP routers are now shipping with two ports, though the trick still remains to get those two numbers to work with a single handset. Also on deck is the next revision to ZyXel's Prestige 2000W VoIP WiFi phone (pictured, right, in all its retro clunky handset glory). Version two will support SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), which basically gives you more interconnectivity options out of the box by keying you into SIP-based call servers and IP-PBXs as well as the usual VoIP client devices.

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