Sony talks up its "iTunes for movies" plans. Again.


Sony have revealed their plans to create an "iTunes for movies". Again. Every few months one of their execs goes on record about how they're definitely working on some sort of new dealie for online movie downloads, this time around the revelations (which have gotten slightly more specific) come courtesy of Sony Pictures senior veep Michael Arrieta. Doesn't sound like they're going to get anywhere close to what we want—namely, cheap downloads that are easy to move around—but CNET reports that Arrieta did say that they're going digitize their top 500 films and then distribute them both online and on flash memory cards (Memory Sticks, no doubt) for watching on your cellphone (expect there to be tons of DRM involved, natch). No mention of whether Connect, Sony's much-unloved online music store will be involved, but there was something or other last year about video being added to the mix over there. Even weirder, there's no mention at all of how the new PlayStation Portable figures into all this.

[Thanks, Glen]