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iPod handbag with built-in speakers


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iPod handbag

Dude, it's a boombox with a shoulder strap. From BrightonNet, we witness two similar products, both bags with special pockets for iPods plus integrated sound system that we're guessing are slightly updated versions of the Groove Bag that came out a couple of years ago. Both rock the faux leather and have an internal amplifier plus stereo speakers built-in. The outside of the iPod pocket is vinyl to leave the player's controls available, but the audio connection is via a standard stereo mini plug so as long as your player fits in the pouch, you could use this thing with any DAP. Of course, you'll have to get used to remembering that your handbag requires batteries. Ladies, we're clearly the target market for this piece, but we bet there are a few metrosexuals who could pull this off. If you do pick one of these up (either goes for about $122 USD), we'd have to say spontaneous parties in the park are pretty much mandatory.

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