Median's m-cody MX-300 and MX-400

Median M-Cody MX-300 and MX-400

We know, we can't impress you with obscure Asian digital audio players—especially flash devices—but just in case you're the type whose interest is piqued, the Median m-cody MX-300 and MX-400 feature a 65k and 262k color screens (respectively), voice, FM, and line-in encoding, MP3, WMA, ASF, WAV and OGG support, and USB 2.0. The MX-300 also has a "Built-in Powerful Speaker", while the MX-400 supports MPEG-4 (we're not sure of the specifics on this one) and has an SD slot. Uh, carry on.

[Via DAPreview]