Nike and Bausch & Lomb's MaxSight performance-enhancing lenses

Nike and Bausch & Lomb MaxSight performance-enhancing lenses

Ok, performance enhancing drugs, bad; but once we start getting into the realm of installable body mods things get a little sticky. We've got a feeling the jury's still out on MaxSight lenses though; codeveloped by Nike (who else?) and Bausch & Lomb and just about ready to market, they're designed to help players better track the objects and movement, increase contrast, and reduce glare (we're trying to avoid the obvious 28 Days Later/zombie jokes here). And they're apparently already making their way into MLB by way of the Orioles' second baseman Brian Roberts. But you know, it's all fun and games until somebody's down in the outfield on all fours screaming, "My contact, my contact!"

[Via Medgadget]