EchoStar/Dish sues TiVo and Humax

sad TiVo logo

Talk about kicking 'em when they're down (well, maybe not too down), EchoStar announced a lawsuit against TiVo and one of their OEMs, Humax (whom many of you know for their DRT800) over recording software parents—this after TiVo's previous lawsuit against EchoStar's supposed time-shifting patent infringements. Anywho, this time around it looks like EchoStar's trying to strike back by alleging TiVo and Humax (why other TiVo box-makers like Pioneer and Toshiba weren't named kind of escapes us) infringed on patents issued between 1998 and 2003, including one called "Interruption Tolerant Video program Viewing." Great, EchoStar. Way to sue for the pause button—or at very least, for what appears to be one of the same patents you were being sued for by TiVo. Jeez.

[Via PVRblog]