Leaked LifeDrive spec sheet


We're still four days away from the official announcement on Wednesday, but a very official looking spec sheet has leaked out for the LifeDrive mobile manager, palmOne's new mediacentric handheld (yes, we're already getting tired of writing that, feel free to insert your own descriptive phrase). No surprises, the specs are exactly what we'd expected: it's 4.76 x 2.87 x 0.74 inches in size, weighs 6.8 ounces, runs on Palm OS Garnet 5.4, and has a 4GB mini hard drive, new LifeDrive mobile manager file management software, a 416MHz XScale processor, a 320 x 480, 65,000 color touch screen, Bluetooth, 802.11b WiFi, and an SDIO expansion card slot.

[Thanks, Over 2Gigabytes]