Xbox 360 going to be backwards compatible? Microsoft says they don't know yet

Xbox 360 logo small

Yesterday we asked if anybody had heard anything definitive yet about whether or not the Xbox 360 was going to be backwards compatible with original Xbox titles.  No one seemed to know for sure, but don't feel bad, because it turns out that not even Microsoft knows for sure. At least, that's what they're saying, with Peter Moore, baby daddy VP of Worldwide Marketing and Publishing for the Xbox, admitting in an interview last week that they simply haven't sorted out what's going on with backwards compatiblity yet. We've already gone over the legal and technical issues involved before (let's just say that if it were easy to do, they'd do it), and while backwards compatibility isn't exactly going to make or break the new console, all they're doing by leaving it out is giving a little more ammunition to Sony and Nintendo.

[Thanks, Slaven]