Yes, friends, it is not even close to the day when the incessant march of the Mac mini accessories will begin to flag. NewerTech and Other World Computing are teaming up on a new batch of mini-themed accessories all designed to situate your mini in its ideal home. The NuStand mini is an acrylic monitor stand designed to locate your little 'puter right underneath, for $39.95. The NuShelf mini attaches to the bottom of a shelf or desktop and encases the mini in a pendant state, actually a pretty handy space-saver for $34.95 (pictured, right). The other two are both Mac mini pedestals/platform heels: the NuClear mini and NuBlue mini, as differentiated by their color: the clear version has got none for $24.95, or pay $5 extra for some blue glow.


It's another flash player with video