AOpen Media Center Server 400/410 and XC REC6 entertainment PCs

Reminding everyone that they do actually have a long history of building PCs that don't bear a, um, striking resemblance to a certain other dimunitive computer, AOpen has also been showing off a couple of new A/V component-style entertainment PCs (which they want us to call "ePCs"). The biggies is the Media Center Server 400/410, which runs on Windows Media Center 2005 and has a 2.8GHz Pentium 4 processor, a 250GB hard drive, up to 4GB of DDR2 RAM, 7.1 channel surround sound, a DVD combo drive, multiple TV tuners, and a vacuum fluorescent front-panel display. Not as many details about the slightly slimmer XC REC6, but they do mention that it also runs on Windows Media Center, and will use Pentium M processors, DDR2 RAM, and multi-channel audio.

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