Neuropace (brain implant)Robert Fischell (septuagenarian, inventor of modern pacemaker and insulin pump) is now going to (af)fix your mind via computerized implants that will manipulate that wrinkled neural lighting storm in your noggin. And like Nancy Reagan, he doesn't like the drugs - "drugs affect every cell of the body. When we play with electrical signals in the brain, we're not interfering with the heart, the stomach, the intestines." Sure, unless that little love-zap makes you think your wood chipper is a carnival ride. Fischell's company (Neuropace) already produces the RNS, a brain implant for epileptics that senses and then fires off electrical pulses at the "area of disturbance" to prevent a full-blown seizure. Now, like Cyberonics before them, they want to tweak it to treat obsessive-compulsive disorders and depression. How would you like to be in that test group?

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