Sony BMG helps customers crack DRM

dvds Sony BMG has come up with an innovative solution for consumers who are frustrated with the company's new DRM: They'll help you break it. Turns out the new system, from the U.K.'s First4Internet, renders protected CDs unusable by iPod owners. While Sony might hope that would drive customers to its digital audio players instead, they've chosen the more pragmatic — and unusual — route of emailing instructions for a back door exploit to anyone who complains about the problem (Mac users don't even need this: the DRM is PC-only). While we've heard of companies rolling out products with easily cracked DRM, this may be the first time a record label has actually been the source of the cracks. Thanks Sony BMG. Next time, how about just saving everyone the hassle and skipping the stuff in the first place?

[Via Slashdot]