Broadcast Flag chapter 93: MPAA be gettin' sneaky!

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Okay, listen up — the MPAA may have tried to fake us out, but it looks like we haven't yet heard the last of the Broadcast Flag. Word on the street is that the Broadcast Flag bill may be snuck into a Senate Appropriations Committee spending bill that will be up for consideration as early as tomorrow. Looks like they're taking pointers from the Real ID Act, which also made it through Congress on the coattails of a spending bill — sneaky, sneaky! If you live in any of the states who have members on the committee (MS, AK, PA, NM, MO, KY, MT, AL, NH, UT, ID, TX, OH, KS, CO, WV, HI, VT, IA, MD, NV, WI, WA, ND, CA, IL, SD, LA), you can find your Senator's phone number via the read link. There's no time for letter-sending, so call 'em up and give 'em what for. Tell 'em we sent ya.