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You probably don't want to fake a heart attack with electric underpants

Peter Rojas
Comfi-Grip Iron

Ah yes, the old "electric underpants" scam. Usually this one is reserved for impressing the ladies, but some dude in England named Marcus Danquah thought he'd use a pair to try and scam an appliance manufacturer out of some cash. Seems he modded an iron to make it deliver an electric shock, then went to a hospital claiming that the iron had shocked him and used a pair of tricked-out electrical underpants to "fool" the electrocardigram machine into making it look like he'd suffered a heart attack. His next move, of course, was to sue the manufacturer for £300,000 in damages. Too bad he got busted; not only has his claim been dismissed, the judge presiding over the case has ordered him to pay the defendant's legal bills, too.

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