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Sony to make DSLRs with Konica Minolta

Ryan Block , @ryan

We've got to hand it to Sony—they've really been pretty well with others as of late. Well, that or they see a hole gone unfilled in their broad spectrum of consumer electronics, and fill it as quickly as possible. Their latest is no big surprise: DSLRs. While Sony has some of the nicest digital cameras around, they've got nothin' in the way of single-lens reflex, so they've worked a partnership on DSLRs with Konica Minolta (who just released their latest Maxxum 5D last week). Their new devices will use lens mounts compatible with KM's Maxxum/Dynax system, but no word on who's taking over the bodies (and whether they'll be using MemoryStick), or whether it'll be a Sony Konica Minolta device.

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