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iTunes is offended by POTUS podcast?

Laurie A. Duncan
Our pal John Neff from Autoblog noticed something amusing. We thought we'd share.

"Have you seen that the president's weekly radio address is a podcast? It's currently in the top 100 at 91 and the funny part is that it's labeled explicit. I subscribed to it and learned the explicit rating comes from a radio address on the "holy union between a man and a woman", so he must have been speaking about marriage, which certainly is a dirty word to some people :)"

Yes, John... and now that we've drawn attention to the "dirty parts," it's sure to hit the top 10 before the day is over :) It's up to 90 already!

Now before you all email me to point out that the podcast in question is actually a parody, let me say this... I KNOW THAT! For what it's worth, though, the POTUS really is podcasting. You can subscribe to the real one here.