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Kinetics Avionics SBS-1 lets you track planes with your PC

Marc Perton

radarFlying a small plane? Operating a regional airport? Just like to track what's going on overhead? You're in luck: £499.95 ($904) will get you the Kinetic Avionics SBS-1, a PC-based system that lets you track any planes that use Mode S/ADS-B transponders. Kinetic also operates a service called MapMode-S, which lets SBS-1 users share their tracking data, creating a virtual worldwide network of radar data, so you can track planes virtually anywhere there's an SBS-1. Somehow, we suspect this stuff isn't going to be legal for long, so if you want one (for legitimate purposes, of course), you may want to pick one up ASAP.

[Thanks, Yiango]

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