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Amadana's design-centric home electronics

Liam McNulty

As evidenced by their "Amadana" brand, Real Fleet realizes that some of you are willing to give up a bit of functionality in favor of design (something even we're occasionally guilty of). Consisting largely of blocky electronics that seem to take a cue from Frank Lloyd Wright, the brand uses a lot of acrylic, wood, and leather in places you generally wouldn't think to put such materials.

There were four products announced by Real Fleet yesterday: the "DT-120" phone with answering machine, the "DU-119" phone with nary an answering machine, the CR-202 learning remote, and the CS-115 stick-shaped cleaner. The specifications really aren't worth writing here, but it's not like we would know how to describe the specs for a "stick-shaped cleaner" even if we wanted to.

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