Intel Yonah

Well, summer's drawing to a close, so it's about time for Intel's fall Developer Forum. Now that most of the news is in, we figured we'd give you bitheads a little something to chew on in the way of a cheatsheet to their new 2005 / 2006 product lineup. You Mac fans might also want to listen up too, since these are the chips that're going to be running your next Power Mac and/or Power Book.

So the big news here is in their Napa mobile computing platform—this year's take on what the Sonoma Centrino platform was late last year—and the processor at the heart of it all, codenamed Yonah, will be a dual-core mobile chip with 2MB of shared L2 cache and the ability to address 64GB of memory. Did we scare you off yet? No? Well, read on, there's plenty to go around.

Apparently process enhancements in Yonah will make ?very common media functions are 30 percent faster,? according to Intel. The rest of the Napa platform will be fleshed out with a Intel 945 chipset and 3945ABG WiFi adapter. For those paying close attention, the Intel 945 chipset includes Matrix RAID, which means new laptops will probably see SATA drive connections and integrated RAID (instead of 3rd party RAID chips on-board, as with the Qosmio, etc.). Though the 945 may also scale beyond 667MHz on the front-side bus, the Yonah will only support 667MHz speeds.

The chips

Their new processor lineup is focused squarely on reducing power consumption, decreasing heat production, increasing performace per cycle, but most noticeably, multi-core processors. Here are the names to look out for (besides Napa, of course) and some quick deets:




(mobile?post Yonah)



Woodcrest and Whitefield


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