Is September "National HD Projector Month?"

DPX-1300Geez, the announcements are flying all over the place and they seem so focused on front projectors! In the "YAFPA" or "Yet Another Front Projector Announcement" category, we have Yamaha's DPX-1300 hitting the streets in October. The suggested retail is around $12,500, so this is no entry-level unit.

The DPX is powered by an SoC (system on chip) from Silicon Optix called Realta. The Realta chip can perform one-trillion operations per second for 10-bit video processing and silky smooth motion. DVI and HDMI inputs are both included with the DPX which boasts a 5,000:1 contrast ratio and 720p resolution.

All of these projectors hitting the market are great, but we've got to see the prices come down a little. Folks are more than willing to spend 75% less for a good-sized flat panel!