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Panasonic's pocket SD card copier

Liam McNulty

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panasonic sd copier

Panasonic has officially announced the "SD Pocket Copy," a handheld device designed to make 1:1 copies of SD/miniSD cards. It operates off a single AA battery, and should provide about 4 hours worth of copying. A switch allows the user to select two different copy modes: "camera" will copy only files inside the "DCIM" folder of the card, and "everything" will copy everything on the card. To no one's surprise, it is unable to copy files that are protected with DRM technology. Panasonic supposes this device could be used to quickly and easily distribute photographs to a large group of people, such as those at weddings or other social functions. Sure, everyone would need to bring their own SD card of equal or greater capacity to the event, but hey, it's Japan! Over there SD cards are issued to newborns before they even leave the maternity ward.

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