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Solar-cell covered Power Purse

Evan Blass

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power purse

About as useful in the drizzly Pacific Northwest as the Stonehenge Pocketwatch, Iowa State doctoral student Joe Hynek's award-winning solar panel-covered Power Purse charges portable electronics in regions where the sun actually throws down some juice now and then. The bag (not to be confused with those other solar bags for him), which took second place in the aesthetic design category at April's American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists design competition, sports flexible solar-cells developed by Ames Laboratory researchers. Hynek and his advisor, Mark Bryden, are now trying to slap solar-cells on other formerly-fashionable gear like hats, and are trying to produce laundry-proof versions so that your entire wardrobe becomes an instant geek-magnet.

[Via Treehugger]

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