disney digital mix sticks mp3

Continuing Disney's push into consumer electronics are the new Mickey and Princess Digital Mix Sticks MP3 players, which sport Mickey-shaped controls and polished metal and pink finishes, respectively. Both lanyard-style devices are the same inside, rocking 128MB internal memory (upgradable to 1GB via SD), rechargable batteries, a USB port, and preloaded content (not too much, we hope; 128MB ain't what it used to be). With Disney going into the electronics biz, does this mean we will start seeing big-name manufacturers do the content thing? Coming soon to a theater near you: "Apple Presents Steve Jobs in Steve Jobs and the Seven Lawyers," "British Werewolf in Tokyo: A Sony Joint," and of course Vulcan's "FlipStart the Friendly Vaporware Ghost." The Disney gear will set you back 50 bones and is set to ship in about 5 weeks.

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