The Raven X41 Linux Tablet PC by EmperorLinux

Raven X41 tablet

Linux has matured greatly on the desktop, but it's still mostly an also-ran in the laptop space, mainly due to that crazy specialized hardware that manufactures put into their portables—like batteries. The Tablet PC brings a whole 'nother batch of features to support, including portrait to landscape view switching, pen based input, and the mother of them all; handwriting recognition. The RavenX41 by EmperorLinux, based on the Lenovo Thinkpad X41, is a—you guessed it—Linux based Tablet PC with support for all of the above features, along with full utilization of the Thinkpad's biometric fingerprint scanner. They claim the handwriting recognition should work as well as that of a certain other manufacturer, but their system takes longer to learn your style. Also, the pen will work as a pressure sensitive input device in GIMP, helping your inner nerd get in touch with your inner artist. It sounds like EmperorLinux has put a good deal of thought into their laptop offerings, the special features are supported by an independent kernel that integrates with several popular flavors of Linux allowing you choosey open sourcers to pick what works best for you. The downside of all this is that EmperorLinux is marking up the laptops by a few hundred dollars or so to recoup their costs (should run you around $2350-$2950 depending on configuration) so you're losing out on one of the main advantages of the Linux OS: Free, as in free beer.