Breathtaking accessory for your plasma

That plasma hanging on your wall in the living room probably looks nice all by itself. However, what if you could “accessorize” it with a gorgeous frame that is custom built? Not only is it designed to match your decor but it would fit the plasma like a glove.

Eli Wilner and Company is a frame builder that specializes in make custom frames for upscale client. They found a gold mind though in those ugly flat panels hanging in the rooms of America’s elite. These frames are amazing and once you combine the frame with a Roku PhotoBridge HD1000 with the art packs, you have a modern art gallery.

I think that this is going to go my "things-I-would-have-if-I-was-a-millionaire" list though. As much as I love these frames, they are a tad bit out of reach. At $10,000 for the base model, I just do not think that at this point in my life, I will be spending more on a frame then I did on my car.