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Jinke's Hanlin eBook Model V2

Evan Blass

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hanlin ebook model v2

Little-known eBook manufacturer Jinke Electronics has been quietly toiling away at perfecting its Hanlin line for some time now, and they have recently introduced a model that may be able to compete with Sony's LIBRIe on features and performance. The Hanlin eBook Model V2, as its known, sports a 200 MHz Samsung ARM processor, 32MB SDRAM and 64MB NAND flash memory, 800 x 600 6-inch display, separate 254 x 96 "slave display," SD slot, and MP3 player.  This device uses low-power electronic ink technology from E-Ink, is capable of reading native PDF and HTML files as well as converted DOC, TXT, and Excel documents, and from the looks of it doesn't incorporate any of that DRM nastiness the LIBRIe is famous for.

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