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Toshiba responds to Paramount's HD-DVD concerns

Kevin C. Tofel

Now that Paramount and other major studios are going both ways on the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray front, I expect we'll see a bunch of press releases from the disc manufacturers. Let the press releases begin with Toshiba touting the advantages of HD-DVD. Haven't we heard them all or are these guys just saving some for later?

The Tosh  folks are trying to save a little face here by saying, "we know you now support both formats, but since you didn't drop ours, you still believe in us, right?" Let's face it: there aren't a ton of differences in the formats from a consumer or studio-production point of view. Both offer gigs of storage, various copyright protection and high quality pictures.

Here's an idea: let's embrace the content companies that are willing to use either format. I know they're ultimately not doing it for the consumer, but we benefit regardless of their intent. Let it go, Toshiba (and Samsung and Sony and Hitachi and......), let it go.